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Exit doors / Steel doors

Exit-Door DOUBLE R

Door Double R
Door Double R
Door Double R
Door Double R
Door Double R
Door Double RDoor Double RDoor Double RDoor Double R

Double R Company manufactures and distributes fire doors and steel doors, which are strong, durable and fireproof.

Steel Frame
50 x 100 x 1.6 mm with smoke seal

Steel Door
1.6 mm thick stainless steel of 30-40-45 and 50 depending on the designer. The heavy duty hinge with rock wool included 3 stainless ball bearings to prevent the heat. The door equipped with smoke seal. All hardware passed the themal resistant test at 1,000 oC at least 3 hours.

1.6 mm thick stainless steel cold rolled sheet.

Rust Protection
– apply anti-rust primer
– zinc phosphate coating at 200 oC for scratch protection and color retention

Single door
Double doors

Steel door DOUBLE R

DOUBLE R designs and manufactures the most refined wrought steel doors. Since the company involved in the whole production processes, the customers can ensure the quality of products as required. Besides steel doors and frames, the company offers different types of locks, exit devices, closers, holders, hinges, roller latches, and flush bolts. With the company’s accurately assessing your needs and experiences in steel works, if you are looking for design wrought steel doors that fit your style, you are at the right place. Best of all… the doors are professionally packed and shipped direct to you.

Stainless steel, 50 x 100 x 1.6 mm

1.6 mm thick galvanized blade. Grey polyester paint suitable to accept or on site painting. Rust prevention by zinc phosphate coating.  Use Polyester Powder Coating and bake with 200°C for scratch protection and color retention.



Door Accessories

  1. Door Closer
  2. Push-bar Type
  3. Door handle
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