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Fiberglass door

Wood grain fiberglass door made of high quality fiberglass, tightly pressed by polymer. The door used as a substitution for wood, steel and plastic doors. The door enhances good air quality inside the building, efficient in storage and good ventilation of energy such as warm or cold air. The door is especially durable and strong, with thermal resistant of up to 120 Degree Celsius.


  • Beautiful with teak wood grain texture. Can be painted/sprayed/stained with every color.
  • Dust free. Easy to clean. Repairable
  • Strong
  • Dent-resistant and won’t rust or corrode
  • Waterproof, easy to maintain
  • Heat/ moisture/ coldness  resistant
  • Sunlight resistant, will not warb, bow or shrink
  • Chemical fee
  • Long lifespan without termite

Due to the mentioned qualifications of fiberglass door, especially the water resistant and paintable qualifications, hence these doors can be used for

  • Single or double door for both inside and outside the building
  • Solid door for bedroom
  • Glass door for meeting room
  • Louver door for kitchen or toilet
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